2011 – New Year’s decisions and a blog tour!

Yes, you read just fine: a blog tour.

Oh really, you might think. Chrys never blogs (or almost never), and now she wants to tour other people’s blogs as well. Duh!

Hey! I can hear you!

Yes, I am going to be talking about different topics that have to do with Greece/Cyprus, mythology, food and drink and rock-and-roll a la grecque. Seriously!

So, here is my reasoning: A shiny new year is starting, and I have a brand new urban fantasy novella coming out in March with MuseItUp publishing. It’s about time I started talking… er, writing, too. 2010 was a tough year. I changed jobs, I had Carlos sick in bed for a month, at some point I had taken on a second job as well, and, let’s face it, time doesn’t really stretch. Not for blogging purposes anyway. Anyone selling their second hand time-stretching machine, I’ll buy it.

Therefore I am quite pleased with all I wrote and published in 2o10 in spite of the adversities, and hope that 2o11 will be good too.

Many changes have also taken place in the publishing world over the past year. A year ago, self-publishing was a swear word. This year, it is the new slogan – so called “Indie” publishing on Kindle and Pubit and Smashwords is the new rage. Would I do it? Why not? I am seriously thinking of giving it a try.

But besides that, I would like to work on my high fantasy trilogy and publish it, write another two novellas based on Greek myths to accompany Dioscuri, and write, revise and publish plenty of short stories.

Ambitious, who, me?

Well, these are my writing/publishing plans for 2011. It is a whole year. Who knows. Maybe in a year from now the new rage will be to dictate stories into an automatic movie-maker for direct posting on Youtube.

It won’t be the first time technology surprises us. Or the last.

Here’s to a happy, uber-published 2011!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


About chrystallathoma

Welcome to my blog. My name is Chrystalla and I am a Fantasy, Science Fiction and Romance author. I am Greek Cypriot and I like to write about fantastical creatures, crazy adventures, and family bonds. I live in Cyprus with my husband and my vast herds of books. I write fantasy, science-fiction and romance, often all mixed up. View all posts by chrystallathoma

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