Six Sentence Sunday – Asterion and Poseidon

Happy Six Sentence Sunday! 🙂

I finally finished the first draft of my novella about the Minotaur (working title: “Poseidon’s mask”) – yay! 🙂 I am posting today another excerpt from it (nine sentences instead of six – but some are really very short so forgive me!)

Here, the Satyr is talking to Asterion about Poseidon, Asterion’s father, and his wishes for his son, which aren’t what most fathers would want from their children:

The Satyr rose. Standing, he was much taller than Asterion, and his dark eyes glittered. “He sees much of himself in you. He’d want to test you, see if you are worthy. If you are divine enough. Savage enough. Wise enough.” He regarded Asterion with half-slitted eyes. “Question is, will you try?”

Hope you’re having fun with these snippets. 🙂 Check more out at


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