The Hobbit VS. Boreal and John Grey… Time for Winter and elves and snow!

Winter is coming – cold wind, snow and ice, Xmas… A great season for dreaming and reading, a time for the imagination to run free. And the Hobbit is releasing soon as well – dwarves, hobbits, elves and dragons…

Aren’t you excited? I can’t wait! Even though Cyprus is still warm and sunny with no hint of snow – or elves! – I am impatient.

And I’m writing a story about elves and dwarves and dragons… In case you missed it, I am in the midst of writing an urban fantasy series called “Boreal and John Grey”. It’s fantasy set in a city with technology and wicked elves who are tying to invade our world. Although not all the elves are mean… and the dwarves aren’t very nice, either…

Anyhow. In honor of Winter, I have set the boxset at the lowest possible price (99c), and I have also released an interlude (Disguises: Halloween Interlude) and Episode 1 of the second season is about to come out as well…

So while waiting for Legolas to show his pretty face in the movie The Hobbit and for Smaug the Magnificent, the dragon, to make his appearance – come and get to know Ella and Finn, my protagonists, and I promise you lots of fun and action…





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