The Transformation Series

An epic fantasy trilogy in progress – with fairies, dragons and other weird creatures!

Alternative series title: The Reversal Scrolls


Book 1: Persa: the Burrowing Seal (written, in need of major revisions)

Persa dances with fairies. Shunned by others for her ability to see them, marked by a terrible goddess with a living seal, she flees and tries to earn enough to get by as a weaver. But along the way, apart from the seal she also acquires a golden ring that won’t come off and that is haunted by an angry fairy boy. Reaching an uneasy truce with him, she thinks she might survive the cohabitation – but too many questions need an answer: who is the beautiful lord with the huge shadow, and how has her weave turned into a real dragonskin? Where do the fabled dragons live, and, above all, what do the mysterious telchins want with her?

Book 2: Marsyas: the Mineral Wings (3/4 written)

Marsyas has returned among the mortals hoping to lessen Phaethon’s influence on him. But the neverending rain is eating at his wings, the relations between the races are strained, and the Palace wants to send him back – but what they don’t realise is that if he goes back, Phaethon will take control of him again, and this time there will be war.

Book 3: Elisseas: the Golden Horns (not yet written)


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