Dioscuri/The Minotaur

Enter the world of Dioscuri

Dioscuri is an  Urban fantasy novella published by MuseItUp Publishing.

What is Dioscuri all about?

When you are Zeus’ immortal son, you know you can get away with mostly anything. Bringing back the dead is not one of those things. Yet this is what Polydeukes does when his mortal twin, Kastor, dies. According to the dark deal he strikes with one of the gods, the brothers must alternate days in the land of the living, and  Kastor cannot be told, or the deal is off. On top of that, If Hades were to find out, all hell would break loose. Literally.
But Kastor begins to put two and two together, and keeping the secret becomes difficult for Polydeukes. Will Kastor break his brother’s deal and save Polydeukes from an eternity of punishment in Tartarus, or will Polydeukes find a way to save them both?

What does the word Dioscuri mean?

“Dioscuri” appears to be a composite word from “Dias” (a form of the name Zeus in Greek) and “kouri” meaning “young men” or “sons”. Hence, “Zeus’s sons”.



Which is the world of Dioscuri?

Two more novellas are being written, set in the world of Dioscuri – a contemporary Athens where the mortals have by mistake woken up the ancient gods. A Resistance group is barricaded in the secret passages inside the Acropolis rocky Hill, and squadrons are sent out to battle monsters as they emerge from the underground and the construction sites where the mortals have unwittingly tapped into the sleeping chambers of chimeras, lamias, echidnas – the stuff of nightmares. The ancient monsters can only be defeated through the use of ancient swords and ruses. On the side of the mortals are the griffins, the satyrs, the silenes and the nymphs. Meanwhile, the higher gods wage battle in the sky.

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See the lovely cover blog author Lin Holmes made for Dioscuri!

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The Minotaur (Theseus and the Minotaur)


You can’t outrun your divine lineage. When Asterion, Poseidon’s son, travels to Athens to join the battle against the newly awakened ancient gods, he doesn’t expect Poseidon to ask for the sacrifice of fourteen youths, or to demand that Asterion don the mask of the bull, become his vessel, and kill them. Outraged, Asterion refuses, but when his half-sister Ariadne is selected for the sacrifice, he takes the mask and becomes the Minotaur in a bid to fight Poseidon and save her.

Theseus, another son of Poseidon, is also in Athens. In love with Ariadne, he cannot let her be sacrificed to Poseidon. Unaware of Asterion’s dilemma, he changes another’s lot with his own name to enter the labyrinth, fight the Minotaur, and return everyone home.

With brother pitted against brother and the labyrinth closing around them, the outcome can only be death–unless Ariadne finds a way to return them to the world of the living.

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A trilogy set in the world of Dioscuri?

It’s a possibility. Perseus and Medusa are in my thoughts (“Medusa’s Head”). 😉

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